1. @phillip_lindsay never slowed down.. wheels movin booaa

  2. Broncos are trash

  3. Lindsay has a wrist injury and missed like 2 games not really a come back

  4. Both on my fantasy team this year 🔥

  5. I’m faster

  6. Lindsay ain’t stop though

  7. Okay nobody else saw Sanders retear his ACL at the end there?

  8. Bro Lindsay didn’t even move back when that shit sped up he didn’t even budge 😂

  9. That boy Lindsay is faaaast

  10. @emmanuelsanders Yo, don't push it too hard. We're almost to the season.

  11. Wow they should be football players they run fast

  12. And just like that Emmanuel Sanders is out for the season due to torn Achilles part 2.

  13. #browncos will be dead last in the west

  14. Ahhhhhhhh lessss go broncos country

  15. Chick-fil-a workers after you forget to grab sauce